ongoing project in collaboration with Steph Huang

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Season I (LONDON 2017)
Gone is an ongoing project. It started when Steph accidently found an abandoned bed lying in East London at the beginning of 2017. As wanders, we are obsessed with ready-made objects and decide to record the moments with analogic cameras, revealing what we saw and when we were.
 We invite other artists to participate in our project. 
We pass the original text we wrote and ask them to rewrite, add or delete any words. The new text will be an endless repetition…
Season II (LEIPZIG 2018)
Gone is an ongoing project. Gone started with the photograph of an abandoned bed Steph saw in the street. Gone, the bed was gone. The photographer is not simply the person who records the past but the one who invents it. (About Photography by Susan Sontag) This time we took the space in Leipzig (Germany). An alley is situated in Franz Flemming Street where we feel fascinated at the first sight because of the dumped wastes from people, which create a vibrate view. Some of those items for instance a broken washing machine, wheels, a non-functional cabinet and an off-season coach are lied down, ended up inhabiting the nature and created an unique composition into the space. After two days of cleaning, we left interesting items at the site, which are ready to be photographed, filmed and shown to the public. We modified the space in order to involve the composition of the photograph, the future of the earth and of us. Gone is an ongoing project.Gone started with the photograph of an abandoned bed Steph saw in the street.
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